Bryan Herta Autosport

Founded in 2009, Bryan Herta Autosport (BHA) has grown from a single car Indy-Lights team into a 2x Indy 500 and 4x Sports Car championship winning auto racing franchise. Led by INDYCAR and Sports Car star Bryan Herta, BHA has won races in every discipline they’ve entered, including Indy Lights, Indy Car, Global RallyCross, Pirelli World Challenge and IMSA.


OGIO is a well-known brand specializing in the design and manufacturing of high-quality bags, backpacks, and accessories. The company was founded in 1987 and has since become recognized for its innovative and durable products, particularly in the realms of sports, outdoor adventures, and active lifestyles. OGIO offers a wide range of products, including backpacks, duffel bags, travel bags, golf bags, messenger bags, laptop cases, and various accessories such as hats, belts, and apparel. Their products are designed to cater to the needs of athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, professionals, and individuals who value functionality, style, and durability.

Motul USA

After the success of the very first semi-synthetic lubricant for cars, Motul Century 2100 in 1966, Motul staked a claim on its passion for invention five years later with the original 100% synthetic lubricant made from esters of vegetal origin and drawing on aviation technologies. 300V becomes a legend, just like the 300 racing victories of the time symbolized by the product name. Now using technology, Motul has developed the bespoke 300V Motorsport line for racing cars enabling the performance of each engine to be optimised in terms of the expected result, depending on the type of race, distance, engine fuel dilution, operating temperature or other specific parameters. Motul has also developed a specific 300V Factory line that delivers extra power, strong endurance and higher torque for motorcycle racing.

KDE Management

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Partner Programs

Bryson Morris is poised for a championship year in the F4 United States Championship. Having already won a pre-season F4 event in California early this year he is good to go. Presented below is an overview of the features of his sponsorship program for 2022. It is well organized and managed by veteran motorsport promotions managers. Most importantly, it is priced well below the norm. Scroll through this page and then go to CONTACT page and get the conversation started.


  • Logo display on F4 United States race car
  • Logo on Bryson Morris helmet and uniform


  • Acting as Ambassador at-large in all media
  • In person at company events
  • In person at industry & trace events

At the Track

  • Hosting of corporate guests at each of the 3 events held on every F4 United States weekend
  • Sponsor my host different guests at each of the three events
  • Morris’s team will coordinate invitation and at track hosting activation
  • At track corporate kiosk is available

New Business

  • Introductions to potential new clients who may be involved in the series as sponsors
  • Introductions to potential new clients who may want to join sponsor’s program as associate


  • Bryson as Ambassador model for all media marketing campaigns
  • Sponsor has all rights to Morris images, videos and endorsements

Social Media

  • Special social media campaigns centered around partnership
  • Story posts, with links, to company sites and products
  • In Feed and Timeline Posts


  • Specific company links and ‘About’ information on website
  • Sponsor logo displayed prominently on website homepage